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What We Offer

Tire under Repair
Car Brake

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Oil Change

Starting at $39.99. Includes draining and refill of oil, check all belts, hoses, fluids, tires, suspension, cabin air filter, and air filter.

Balance Wheels

Starting at $106.

Computer spin tires, and adjust weight as needed. Check tire pressure/wear.

Tire Disposal

Starting at $5.00 per tire.

Amigo Tire and Auto will properly dispose of tires to the recycling center for you!


Starting at $19.50.

Rotate tires and check tire pressures/wear.


Starting at $70.

Check alignment specifications and adjust as needed. Check suspension and steering components. As well as check tire pressure/wear.

Mount and Balance

Starting at $106.

Free for Customers who purchase a set of four tires with us.

Mount and computer spin balance tires, set pressures to the manufacture recommendations. 

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